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12 September 2018

Russian—Chinese relations have steadily improved over the past year: the volume of foreign trade between Russia’s Far Eastern regions and the People’s Republic of China in 2017 amounted to USD 7.7 billion, 28.3% more than in the same period last year. The export of goods from the Far Eastern Federal District to China increased by 31.5% in 2017. Chinese companies are carrying out more than 40 investment projects in the Russian Far East, eight of which were launched in 2018. However, the full potential of Russian—Chinese trade, as well as economic and investment cooperation, has still not been achieved. Thus, there are still broad opportunities in the areas of infrastructure development, transport and logistics, forestry, tourism, agribusiness, petrochemicals, and aquaculture. What conditions need to be in place to foster trade and economic cooperation and attract Chinese investment? Which support measures and mechanisms might provide additional incentives for investors from China? Which of the regulations that have been adopted have spurred the growth of investment, and what new legislative initiatives are still being developed? What are the funding channels for Russian and Chinese companies that wish to carry out projects in the Russian Far East?

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