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Port Infrastructure: New Opportunities for Investors
11 September 2018

Cargo turnover at sea ports in the Russian Far East doubled between 2009 and 2017, demonstrating rapid growth in comparison with figures for the Russian Federation as a whole. In 2017, cargo turnover at ports in the Far Eastern basin reached 191.7 million tonnes, a large part of which was accounted for by coal transshipments. It is anticipated that the growth of coal exports to Asia-Pacific countries and active development of new coal deposits in the Russian Far East will continue. New projects involving the transshipment of grain cargoes and seafood products, as well as the development of the Russian Far East’s transit potential, will also help to increase cargo turnover. What areas of development are the highest priorities for increasing competitiveness in the sector? How can zoning of Far Eastern ports according to cargo type be implemented, in a way that also addresses the environmental problems that may arise from the transshipment of coal? What factors in the investment attractiveness of the sector are the most important for potential investors and what changes are needed in order to address these? Which modern financial instruments should be used to implement infrastructure projects in the Russian Far East?

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