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National Ecology Project: State Priorities, Business Opportunities
12 September 2018

A total of more than RUB 4 trillion will be spent on implementation of Russia’s national Ecology project. Of those, RUB 727 billion are expected to come from the federal budget, an additional RUB 81 billion from regional budgets, and RUB 3207 billion from extra-budgetary sources (primarily industrial enterprises). What roles are assigned to the state, regions, and companies regarding implementation of the national project? How and through which mechanisms can the project’s main targets be achieved: creating a safe waste management system, reducing harmful emissions, improving water quality, preserving unique water and forestry resources, developing specially protected natural areas, and preserving biodiversity? What are the priorities of the national project for the Far East? How can a balance between the development of the regional economy and the preservation of a thriving environment be achieved?

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