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The Impact of Modernizing Tax Administration on the Investment Attractiveness of the Far East
11 September 2018

There can be no rapid economic development without smooth integration of new market participants into the economic and legal environment. To a significant extent, the attractiveness of the Far East is dependent on the competitive conditions it has created for investment and doing business. The most important of these are the tax incentives available in advanced special economic zones (ASEZs) and Vladivostok Free Port, and the special services offered to investors. The ease and convenience of registering a project, and indeed a business, as well as the emphasis on customer service, a risk-oriented approach, and the transparency of the tax authorities in the region, give residents of ASEZs and Vladivostok Free Port and investors confidence in the region’s tax regime and tax support for businesses. How can we develop a sense of partnership between taxpayers and tax authorities? How might the digitalization of tax administration and electronic services contribute to this? What benefits might a business enjoy from legally declaring its tax base? What more could be done to create investment and business standards in the Russian Far East that are competitive with standards across the Asia-Pacific region? What pilot projects could be implemented in the field of tax administration and cooperation between tax authorities and businesses? How can we improve mechanisms for increasing the competitiveness of tax-compliant businesses and integrate tax technologies into the digital business environment? What impact might technological and legislative solutions have on this?

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