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An International Medical Cluster in Vladivostok: Taking the First Steps
11 September 2018

Every year, around 20,000 inhabitants of the Russian Far East visit medical centres in South Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore. In order to ensure that the regional population has access to qualified medical assistance, plans are in development to extend the Skolkovo International Medical Cluster scheme to Vladivostok Free Port. How can medical tourists be attracted back to the Far Eastern Federal District, and new ones attracted ones from Northern China? What barriers exist today that are preventing foreign investors from pursuing medical projects in the Russian Far East? What are the similarities and differences between plans for medical clusters in Skolkovo and Vladivostok? How can the Far Eastern medical cluster be turned into a source of growth for medical service exports, and what should be taken into account from the outset? Why is it the case that international experience in medicine, rather than threatening national healthcare systems, instead provides a key to improving quality of life and longevity?

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