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Mining and Processing Solid Minerals: The Traditional Industries Today and Tomorrow
11 September 2018

The Far Eastern region is one of the key centres of the Russian mining industry. The volumes of metals extracted and produced there are growing year-on-year: in 2017, for instance, gold extraction in the Russian Far East grew by more than 7% to 140 tonnes, which represents more than half of all gold extracted nationally, while the rise in tin production exceeded 60%. As extraction volumes in the Russian Far East are increasing, so too are its infrastructure capabilities. These factors are naturally serving to increase the investment attractiveness of the region, both for domestic and for international investors. At the present time, a number of foreign companies are not only engaged in extracting and processing minerals, but are also involved in investment activity as they participate in merger and acquisition deals in the mining sector. Countries represented by these foreign investors include Canada, the USA, China, and India. As before, however, a number of restrictions remain in the domestic mining sector, hindering its development. What legislative reforms are necessary to increase the investment attractiveness of the Russian Far East’s mining sector? What are the current infrastructure limitations in the Russian Far East, and what can be done to resolve these at both the federal and regional levels?

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