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Aquaculture: The First Steps of a New Industry
11 September 2018

For a long time, the contribution of marine aquaculture to the economy of the Russian Far East has been limited. In recent years, the industry’s output has been increasing, but further development is being hindered by administrative barriers. In 2017, the first major foreign investors got involved in the sector. Together with their investments, they have also brought in modern technology. A special Internet service for allocating marine plots for aquaculture was launched in 2018, with the help of which more than 100,000 hectares will be turned into new plantations by 2020. What other measures are needed to increase the volume of aquaculture products, both on the Russian market, and for export? How can the issues involved in making land available for the creation of on-shore bases for marine farms be solved? What needs to be done in order to simplify the procedure for carrying out environmental impact assessments for aquaculture? What can be done to improve the effectiveness of measures to safeguard private property used for mariculture production?

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