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Available Networks: Projects, Experience, Current Issues
5 October 2017

A factor for national and international rating agencies examining the investment attractiveness of the Russian Federation (both as a whole and regionally) is the connection of electricity consumers’ power receivers to electrical grids. The main criteria for determining accessibility to the power grid are the time, money and the number of steps required to be connected. Reaching high accessibility requires the direct involvement of all parties concerned. This year, the preliminary results of a five-year project (2013–2017) by Rosseti Group focused on the long term development of the power grid and technological connection will be shared at the Forum. Current issues related to the electric grid sector will come under discussion, in particular concerning connection services (connecting preferential consumers, shortfalls in revenue, regulating relationships with third parties), the importance of an accessible power grid infrastructure (priority development of power grids), and important matters concerning the formulation of plans and programmes to develop the power sector in the Russian regions.

Russian Energy Week
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