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Panel discussion «Investor's club: are things getting back on track?»
19 September 2019
Real estate assets continue to be the stable mean for capital preservation, but investors are interested in higher returns on investment, which square meters cannot provide today, as they say. However, statistics proves, that you only need to search for right solutions: the first six months of 2019 have shown that investment in the commercial real estate in Russia has increased by a quarter compared to the same period last year — to 1.6 billion US dollars. And investors had higher appetites not for residential, but commercial property, namely offices, they attracted the largest investments. How fast is the map of investment into square meters changing?

Themes for discussion:
  • Real estate investment: figures for the 3rd quarter of 2019
  • Investment by geography: Moscow, St. Petersburg or other regions?
  • Investment attractors: residential VS commercial? Trends of advanced markets
  • Investment by class: mass or high-end housing? Trends of advanced markets
  • If residential: flats, apartments, apart-hotels, lease VS own?
  • If commercial: office, warehouse, retail?
  • Data analysis: what is the rate of return for the commercial premises in the residential complexes: parking places, offices, coworkings
  • Strategic goals: the most secure and profitable real estate investments for the nearest 1-3 years
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