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Business Events: Is There a New Tool That Could Boost the Investment Attractiveness of Russia’s Regions?
16 February 2018

Global experience indicates that holding major international events creates a significant economic impact in diverse sectors of the economy. Many national governments worldwide, together with regional and local authorities, are working purposefully to facilitate the construction of associated infrastructure in their cities, improve transport systems, and build hotels and convention venues. Russia has also seen positive developments in this area in recent years. In particular, an organization has been created specifically to promote the convention infrastructure found in the regions on the international stage and attract international convention events. Organizing new events in Russia’s regions will first and foremost help to create new jobs. It will also contribute to attracting investment and developing a positive image of Russia’s regions at an international level. In this way, business events can constitute an important factor in attracting investment for regional development. What steps must government and business take in order to attract major international events to Russia’s regions? How important is the role of Russia’s regions in attracting international events? What is the role of the National Convention Bureau in promoting regions and attracting business events of various formats? To what extent can business events help to realize regional export potential? What steps must be taken to promote the investment and economic potential of Russia’s regions domestically and abroad?

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