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The human brain: on the road to unraveling
19 February 2020

Today, when humanity is trying to transfer a part of the intellectual potential to machines and put them at the service of their interests, the scientific community still cannot give a definite answer to the question «How does the human brain work?» The sense of scientific research in different fields is to find the «Holy Grail» — a clue how the brain forms a unique human personality. Now we can say that world neuroscience has accumulated a huge database and has attracted many revolutionary technologies. In the era of technological breakthrough, which brings both benefits and risks, the task of studying the human brain goes from a quantitative to a qualitative plane. It means that it is necessary to reduce accumulated knowledge into a fundamental «register» within the scope of a single centralized strategy for the study of natural intelligence in order to develop a general brain theory and to study its most important properties and functions. It’s time to get an answer to the question — how brain cells form thoughts and feelings.

Questions for discussion:

  • Algorithms of memory, intelligence and consciousness — is it a step towards the general brain theory?
  • The inner man world — a «zone of application» of the nerve cells activity.
  • Can AI «change the mind» of the human brain (does the digital mind have the potential to mimic the human mind, is there any threat to human intelligence from the artificial side)?
  • Is artificial intelligence able to penetrate our brains, predict our feelings and make decisions instead of us?
  • Children of the 2000s: is global digitalization capable of changing the way generation Y is thinking?

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