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Budget Investment in a New Quality of Life in the Far East
3 September 2016

The current economic situation requires concentrated development and consolidation of all available resources for sustainable socio-economic development of the regions of the Far East. At the government’s expense, a foundation power and transport infrastructure has been set up, within the scope of the preparations for the APEC Summit, Vladivostok has been transformed and a number of projects implemented for developing the social infrastructure. At the First Eastern Economic Forum, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin gave instructions to ensure priority financing of socio-economic development of the Far East within the scope of implementing state programmes of the Russian Federation. What impact do budget investments have in raising the quality of life and the investment appeal of the Far East? What is the role of the state going forward in developing the infrastructure for life and business in the Far East? How should approaches to state programming be changed to achieve maximum effect in developing the Far East?

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