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The Arctic: Territory of Professionals
30 March 2017

In recent decades, the Arctic has unquestionably become one of the world’s most significant regions. The attention devoted to the Arctic today is the result both of geopolitics and of global changes that have taken place in this region of the planet. The Arctic is distinct from other regions by virtue of its enormous resource potential and political stability. Global climate change and, simultaneously, the intensification of industrial development in the Arctic region are creating both opportunities for the economies of the Arctic states and significant challenges and risks for the surrounding environment, for society, and for mankind. The key issues at the present time, which include minimizing the environmental risks of industrial activity in the context of climate change, developing mechanisms for helping the people and societies of the Arctic to adapt to changing circumstances, preserving ecosystems, and developing green technologies for the industrial development of the region, necessitate a consolidation of intellectual, technological, and human resources, both at the national level and in the organization of multilateral international cooperation aimed at expanding science and education in the region and utilizing their potential to ensure that the Arctic becomes a region of sustainable development. Issues for discussion: • Human capital in the Arctic as a factor in shaping and developing the Arctic region and a knowledge-based economy • Using human resources to ensure sustainable development of the Arctic: successful models and case studies • Creating the infrastructure and systems necessary for a sustained presence of intellectual capital in the Arctic region • International collaboration in science and education in the Arctic region: regional policy, research and educational priorities, education for indigenous peoples • Arctic communities: challenges for adaptation and development

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