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The Arctic: Territory of History, Culture, and Tourism
29 March 2017

The indigenous peoples and population of Russia’s North are the bearers of a distinctive material and spiritual culture, which also has significant potential in terms of cultural tourism. The Arctic is a territory of astounding accomplishments on the part of those who have discovered and developed it. Pioneers of Arctic exploration, seafarers, and missionaries have all left their mark on the history of opening up these northern lands, and Russia has played a leading role. The Arctic attracts scientists, researchers, and travellers from all over the world. It is essential that this heritage is preserved and protected. The region offers enormous opportunity for adventure and extreme tourism, as well as educational travel. With the right approach, these sectors could lay the groundwork for a successful tourism industry in Russia’s northern regions. Issues for discussion: • Preservation of the North’s cultural and historical heritage • Viable cultural projects in the Arctic • Areas and tools for developing the Arctic’s tourism industry

International Arctic Forum
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