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New Forms of Cooperation between Russia and Africa: Opportunities for Special Economic Zones Based on the Project to Establish a Russian Industrial Zone in Egypt
24 October 2019

A new model for the development of production lines is based on closing the gap between production and delivery to the end consumer, minimizing logistical and technical expenses and facilitating projects with a social dimension to successfully develop the local economy. Based on this logic, creating and facilitating conditions conducive to competitive production, including the production of quality high-tech products, can be done most effectively through the use of points of entry. Such points draw on the advantages of special (free) economic zones, which provide additional competitive advantages when gaining access to local markets. The project to create a Russian Industrial Zone — devised and implemented at the interface between governments, state development institutions and business communities — is a unique step toward ensuring state investment and implementing the industrial zone mechanism to support access to foreign markets for relevant companies. What opportunities are there for exporters to support overseas infrastructure? What are the advantages of local platforms compared with domestic production hubs geared towards exports (special economic zones, business parks, etc.)?

Russia- Africa Economic Forum
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