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A Safe Africa
24 October 2019

Illegal migration, contraband, and criminal activity are all too frequent problems facing the African continent. The biggest threat of all though is terrorism. Experts agree that to ensure a country’s national security, a set of measures needs to be taken, along with preventative action to combat possible threats. The biggest vulnerabilities in this regard include weak border control, unprotected industrial facilities, and large urban areas where it becomes easy to disappear into a crowd. An effective set of measures has been developed in Russia to counter terrorism, curtail illegal activity, and provide dependable protection for citizens. Russian organizations and companies are ready and able to share their experience with African partners. What can be done in the current climate to make Africa safe? How can state borders be made secure, and what measures should be taken to protect major sites and facilities of strategic importance? What can be done to stop illicit substances from being brought into a country and distributed? How can offenders be quickly identified, and what steps can help optimize the smooth running of urban infrastructure? What can be done to stop the illegal use of drones, which today can be bought in any store?

Russia- Africa Economic Forum
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