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Viktor Khristenko: SPIEF Tournament Is Essential to Developing Golf in Russia

The SPIEF Golf Cup international golf tournament will take place on 8 June as part of the sporting programme of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

“The golf tournament has already become one of the traditions at the SPIEF,” Russian Golf Association President Viktor Khristenko said. “More than 100 golfers and SPIEF guests from nine countries took part in the 2018 tournament. We expect the SPIEF Golf Cup to gain traction and become an even bigger event this year. Golf is a relatively young sport for Russia. Developing it requires new achievements and landmark events that will help make it more popular and increase the number of people involved in the industry. To this end, the Russian Golf Association is interested in cooperation with the Roscongress Foundation. The SPIEF Golf Cup performs the essential function of developing the entire golf industry in Russia. The tournament is fully consistent with the objectives of the Forum and creates a space of trust to establish sports, personal, and business contacts”.

The tournament is being organized by the Roscongress Foundation, the Russian Golf Association, and the company Golf Estate. The Peterhof Golf Club, which is located 25 minutes from Pulkovo International Airport and just a few minutes from the famous Peterhof fountains, Konstantin Palace, and Alexandria Park, will once again host the event. Renowned golf course architects Greg Norman and Steve Forrest worked on the strategic and panoramic components of the first 18-hole golf course in St. Petersburg, which guarantees that the course will be intriguing for players of any level.

Russian national golf team senior coach Igor Ivashin and current Russian golf champions Yekaterina Malakhova and Artemy Yalovenko will provide golf lessons for the tournament’s participants and guests. In addition, the SPIEF Golf Cup entertainment programme includes cooking master classes, tastings, performances by musicians, interactive games, and a lottery on behalf of its partners.

Detailed information about the SPIEF Golf Cup is available on the SPIEF website in the “Sporting Programme” section and in the personal web office of participants.

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