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First Russia—India Strategic Dialogue to be held in St. Petersburg

The First Russia–India Strategic Dialogue will be held in St. Petersburg on 25–26 November 2018. The forum will be organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the National Institution for Transforming India, and the Roscongress Foundation.

The Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maksim Oreshkin and the Vice-Chairman of the National Institution for Transforming India Rajiv Kumar will take part in the plenary session, the focal point of the forum’s business programme. The programme will include five round tables on the topics of transport, agriculture, small and medium-sized enterprises, digital transformation, and industrial cooperation. The priority issues on the Russia–India economic agenda include transforming the structure of the economy, developing export potential and human capital, and improving the business climate.

According to Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Anton Kobyakov, the decision of the President of the Russian Federation to hold this forum is a logical next step following the decision of Russia and India’s leaders to deepen bilateral cooperation. “Russian-Indian ties are developing steadily, and this robust growth must be supported. Science and technology play a vital role in the two countries’ cooperation. On the short term joint Russian-Indian economic agenda are structural transformation of the economy, expansion of export potential, improvement of the business climate, and development of human capital. I am certain that the Forum will provide us with new opportunities for expanding and strengthening bilateral ties,” explained Anton Kobyakov.

Top economists from Russia and India, business leaders, government officials, and prominent academics from the two nations will take part in the Strategic Dialogue.

During the course of the business forum, discussion participants – representatives of Russian and Indian official and business circles – will discuss the issues of developing trade, economic, and investment cooperation, support for Russian and Indian businesses at the national level, strengthening industrial and technological ties, and cooperation across various economic sectors. There will be a special focus on the joint strategy for expanding trade, economic, and investment cooperation between Russia and India, which has been developed in collaboration with the Russian Foreign Trade Academy and the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. The strategy identifies priority projects and areas of cooperation for the coming years, and highlights untapped potential for collaboration, something which will be of practical importance within the framework of the Strategic Dialogue.

A characteristic feature of Russian-Indian business relations is the high intensity of business contacts. In 2017, India was a guest country of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, and the Indian delegation was one of the most well-represented at the event.

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