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RUSSIA Show, Colourful Closing Ceremony and Fire Works: This is How The 19th World Festival of Youth and Students Ends

The 19th World Festival of Youth and Students came to the finish line. This Saturday, October 21, in the Olympic park two grandiose events will mark the end of the WFYS2017.

 First, a majestic show RUSSIA in the Medals Plaza – a concert with the video show will symbolize blossoming folk culture in the era of Instagram and YouTube and show the whole Russia: cities of our country, sights and cultural make-up of different peoples. Besides folk bands, popular Russian artists and groups will also take part in the concert. It will be the best opportunity to get acquainted with the national popular art of the host country.

 Welcome reception by the Main Stage at Medals Plaza – at 15:30. Camera crew and photographers will take advantage of special raised platforms right under two directors' towers.

Prize drawing and interesting competitions will also be held at the Main Stage from 15:00, there everyone can win a certificate to get one more Festival shirt.

 And after the RUSSIA show guests and participants of the Festival will enjoy a colourful closing ceremony of the WFYS2017. It will take place in the Ice Palace Bolshoi.

 Participants of the Festival will make up a big rock orchestra on stage and perform world top hits. After all, music is a universal language. It unites and inspires the world and makes the imagination fly. The stadium will turn into a big dancing planet, comprised of billions of people consolidated with the rhythm and goal – to make the world a better place.

 Honoured Artist Igor Krutoy, one of the most eminent, popular and demanded composers of Russia is the producer of the Festival closing ceremony. The director of the Closing Ceremony is a member of the Academy of Russian Television, an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts Alexei Sechenov who has staged amazing large-scale shows. This is not the first joint project of Igor Krutoy and Alexei Sechenov. Together they worked on shows for the 27th Worldwide Summer Universiade, the 7th Winter Asian Olympic Games, and the 16th FINA World Championship of Water Sports and many other events.

 The Closing Ceremony called Awakening will be a natural continuation of the Festival Opening Ceremony, in which the characters of the show will tell their real stories and illustrate how much humanity can achieve united. Therefore, one of the key elements of the Closing Ceremony will be the message Let's Change The World made up with the participants of the Festival. This message will bring together the dreams, wishes and hopes that we hope to take into the future.

 Beginning of the Closing Ceremony at the Bolshoi Ice Palace – at 20:00. Beautiful fireworks will crown the ceremony.

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