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Roscongress and the Association of Volunteer Centers Partner for the Volunteer Mobility Programme

The Roscongress Foundation and the Association of Volunteer Centers (AVC) signed a cooperation agreement on 8 June at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. As part of the Volunteer Mobility Programme, approximately 200 volunteers will take part in preparing and holding major 2019–2020 Foundation events.

First Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation Dmitry Kartashov and Chairman of the AVC Council and Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Artem Metelev signed the agreement at the Forum.

37 volunteers have already taken part in organizing and conducting SPIEF 2019 as part of the Volunteer Mobility Programme.

“Volunteering is a way of life, work for an idea prompted by the heart, a desire to be involved in the most important events taking place in the world. So, Roscongress highly appreciates the work of volunteers, always so full of dedication and goodness. We are proud of the opportunity to help volunteers gain experience in organizing major public events”, Dmitry Kartashov stressed. 

As part of the agreement, 80 more volunteers will go to the Eastern Economic Forum 2019, and 70 volunteers will take part in the preparation and holding of the Russian Investment Forum 2020. The association will select volunteers for the Mobility Programme and provide them with accommodation and travel to the venue and back.

 “The Mobility Programme will provide an opportunity for more than 2,000 volunteers to become co-organizers of key events in Russia and across the globe annually. Roscongress Forums have joined the programme, and now the most active volunteers implementing social projects in their cities will be able to gain invaluable experience by taking part in them. We plan to continue working with Roscongress and to support each other’s projects and promote the ideas of volunteering at key national forums”, Metelev said at the signing.

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