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REC to Support Promotion of Wizart Animation in China

The appropriate trilateral agreement was signed on the side lines of the EEF 2018.

12 September an agreement between the Russian Export Centre, a major Chinese distributor HY Media/CAYIE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA GROUP LIMITED and Wizart Animation was signed. The signing ceremony took place on the REC stand.

The agreement was signed by REC CEO Andrey Slepnev, HY Media/CAYIE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA GROUP LIMITED CEO Lisha Ning, and Wizart CEO Yuri Moskvin.

It is the first time when a Chinese company takes part in financing a Russian animation project. Thanks to HY Media/CAYIE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA GROUP LIMITED a number of Chinese businesses, such as a cosmetics company or a e-ticketing service, will partner on The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands. These brands will be present in the Chinese version of the film.

«We excited to be working with Wizart. Snow Queen: Mirrorlands is high-quality animation, we believe it’s going to be a box-office success in China. Also, we hope that our investment in the fourth part of the franchise will open a new chapter in the Russian-Chinese cooperation in the film industry,» said Lisha Ning, CEO of HY Media/CAYIE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA GROUP LIMITED CEO Lisha Ning.

«Chinese market is among the most inaccessible in the world and it’s the first time a Russian animation project gathered such interest from our Chinese partners. We see investments in Snow Queen: Mirrorlands as a start of a fruitful cooperation between Russia and China. We’re confident that our Snow Queen franchise will be a success,» added Yuri Moskvin, CEO of Wizart.

Russian Export Centre will support this Russian-Chinese project along with other Wizart outings in China via specialized exhibitions and local creative industries presentations, as well as through its Made in Russia project.

«Exporting Russian animation results in advancement of licensed products, from toys to various consumables, including clothes, accessories and branded foods. When various industries cooperate it multiplies the overall economic effect. Chinese market opens a number of possibilities for Russian film and animation producers and we’re ready to further promote this content,» said Andrei Slepnev, CEO of Russian Export Centre.

The producers of Snow Queen: Mirrorlands were Yuri Moskvin, Vladimir Nikolaev, Boris Mashkovtsev and Pavel Stepanov. Central Partnership (part of Gazprom Media) and Soyuzmultfilm are co-producers. The directors were Aleksei Tsitsilin and Robert Lence (Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, Shrek, etc.). The film opens in Russia 1 January 2019.

«Signing of this agreement is yet another proof of export potential of Russian animation industry,» noted Julianna Slascheva, Chairperson of the Association of Animated Films. «We see the interest of our Chinese partners in joint projects and distribution». Julianna Slascheva noted that the agreement with Wizart is «a new starting point for both Russian and Chinese animation industry». «Since an entire generation of Chinese people grew up with Russian animation we share culture codes and values, which translates into positive prospects for future work,» said Julianna Slascheva.

The third instalment in the Snow Queen franchise grossed nearly $12 million in the Middle Kingdom. This is a stunning success and generally a unique result for independent animation. Moreover, Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice became the top-grossing hit internationally in the entire history of the Russian film industry. Currently, the cumulative box-office of the franchise exceeds $100 million. The franchise is considered the most successful Russian animation project abroad.

«Wizart Animation today is a leader of big budget animation both in Russia and in Eastern Europe. Every project improves in every aspect as we go along: technology, story, character development — we improve our quality daily,» said Vladimir Nikolaev, Executive Producer of Wizart Animation.

Vadim Vereschangin, CEO of Central Partnership added: «China is one of the principle markets for distributing Russian film. We’re happy to see our Chinese partners’ interest in financing Snow Queen: Mirrorland. Given the success of the previous instalments in China, we expect even bigger results».

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