A socially oriented non-financial development institution and a major organizer of international conventions, congress, exhibitions, business, social and sporting, public, and cultural events.

The Roscongress Foundation is a socially oriented non-financial development institution and a major organizer of international conventions; exhibitions; and business, public, sporting, and cultural events. It was established in pursuance of a decision by the President of the Russian Federation.

The Foundation was established in 2007 with the aim of facilitating the development of Russia’s economic potential, promoting its national interests, and strengthening the country’s image. One of the roles of the Foundation is to comprehensively evaluate, analyse, and cover issues on the Russian and global economic agendas. It also offers administrative services, provides promotional support for business projects and attracting investment, and helps foster social entrepreneurship and charitable initiatives.

Each year, the Foundation’s events draw participants from 208 countries and territories, with more than 15,000 media representatives working on-site at Roscongress’ various venues. The Foundation benefits from analytical and professional expertise provided by 5000 people working in Russia and abroad. In addition, it works in close cooperation with 133 economic partners; industrialists’ and entrepreneurs’ unions; and financial, trade, and business associations from 70 countries worldwide.

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Roscongress Foundation Building Trust Area to Resume Work at Eastern Economic Forum

The Building Trust Area thematic zone will be open from 3 to 6 September in Vladivostok at Eastern Economic Forum 2019 (Building A, level 3). The unique platform combining two Roscongress Foundation projects, the Innovation Space and the Innosocium LAB, was already successfully tested this summer at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.

EEF 2019s main theme will be the search for new solutions to accelerate economic growth, improve quality of life, and develop business and international cooperation. The Building Trust Area has already shown itself to be an effective tool for renewing a vision of the future, building an agenda, and establishing dialogue between participants in the innovation and social ecosystem.

«Issues of socio-economic development are a priority for Russian state policy. In order to maintain an open multilateral dialogue on pressing issues related to social development, promotion of the social agenda, and duplication of successful social technologies, the Roscongress Foundation has created an innovative platform, the Building Trust Area, which makes it possible for representatives of the state, the business community, non-profit organizations, and the scientific community to communicate freely. Furthermore, the Innosocium Foundation, a new Roscongress Foundation project, was established this spring and has already succeeded in resolving several important problems such as, firstly, consolidating numerous initiatives on the Russian social agenda, and secondly, serving as a link between NGOs and the business community. Further Innosocium Foundation development plans look to include the development of ecosystems and technology platforms capable of combining Roscongress Foundation opportunities to attract business to important state tasks with the selection of the most interesting projects and their subsequent promotion at Roscongress events», Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Anton Kobyakov said.

The Building Trust Areas first day of work, which coincides with the Forum start day, will be devoted to working with non-profit organizations. The programme for the day will include issues related to NGOs, such as working with business partners and sponsors and conducting special workshops on presentations and public speaking skills aimed at facilitating more effective work with potential investors.

«At SPIEF 2018, we showcased 8 social projects receiving presidential grants, and there were 18 at SPIEF 2019. Thanks to collaboration between the Presidential Grant Fund and the Innosocium Foundation, social and cultural initiatives by Russian non-profit organizations have made their way onto the agenda of key national economic forums. Its not every day that representatives from NGOs get the opportunity to talk with big businessmen and officials. Events of this kind give them the opportunity to acquire useful contacts and gain new knowledge. Future collaboration calls for the Innosocium Foundation to mentor 10 projects and help promote them and build contacts with potential business partners. At EEF 2019, we plan not only to sign a cooperation agreement but also to hand the Building Trust Area start day over to NGO representatives. Almost 230 social and cultural projects are currently being implemented in the regions of the Far East with presidential grants. Approximately 270 more have already been successfully implemented. At EEF 2019, the Presidential Grant Fund will showcase initiatives significantly improving the life of the Far Eastern Federal District. Non-profit organizations in the Far Eastern Federal District have submitted 3045 projects to six Presidential Grant Fund contests. Five contests (the results of the sixth will be announced in October 2019) have granted support to 508 initiatives for a total of RUB 798,000,000», Presidential Grant Fund CEO Ilya Chukalin said.

«Innosocium Foundation priorities include: integrating the social agenda into key Roscongress Foundation forums and promoting the topic among youth. We are developing the social agenda in business programme sessions, exhibition activities, and expert discussions at the Building Trust Area as a part of key forums. Another of our key projects alongside forums is the Innosocium Nationwide Social Project Competition. In the new season, we will be launching an updated Lectorium student meeting educational format that will focus on the regions.

«The Innosocium Foundation actively supports other activities as well, such as the development of womens leadership, youth entrepreneurship, education, the implementation of social and charitable projects, and cultural projects. The emergence of new types of business networking has given rise to partner interest in our events and activities, which, of course, is an additional incentive for us to continue working on all Foundation activities», Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation and Director of the Innosocium Foundation Elena Marinina said.

The first day of the main EEF 2019 programme will see the Building Trust Area focus primarily on topics related to investment in the development of human capital. Discussion participants will consider the impact investment in the development of human capital has had on economic growth and the strengthening of unity among multi-ethnic nations and will present technological solutions to improve quality of life.

On the second day of the Forum, participants will discuss issues related to cooperation in education, culture, and innovation and showcase innovative projects. The Business Priority pitch session will host presentations by project winners from the competition of the same name held as part of the Roscongress Foundation Innovation Space project together with the Far East High Technology Fund and the Russky Technopark and with the support of the Primorye Territory government. Next follows an ‘Inverse Pitch Session’: an original project in which representatives of investment funds, federal and regional authorities, large and medium-sized businesses, and business angels will give honest answers to questions of the greatest concern to start-ups. A series of Roscongress Foundation events in the Building Trust Area will follow front and centre on the heels of the Hackathon in support of the creation of mechanisms aimed at stimulating youth entrepreneurship.

The final day in the Building Trust Area will be dedicated to sustainable development, «green brands», and the exchange of experience. Leading executives from major companies and government representatives will discuss the principles underlying their sustainability and determine the criteria that must be met by a business to be classified as green. Representatives from the business community will serve as mentors.

Furthermore, the Building Trust Area will host the Avant-garde in three dimensions virtual reality exhibition dedicated to Russian avant-gardes greatest representatives, Natalia Goncharova and Kazimir Malevich as well as the classical landscape painter Ivan Shishkin.

This unique project, developed by the Tretyakov Gallery together with VRTech as part of ArtVR, provides visitors with new opportunities for understanding the context behind a particular period and the work of artists, and it expands onces perception of works of art.

The virtual reality exhibition is an innovative form of VR art project edutainment, which combines the possibilities of the entertainment and education industries. Visitors can immerse themselves in the work of painters, gain insight into the subtleties of their artistic manner, and get a feel for the atmosphere surrounding the creation of famous paintings. During the experience, guests will also be given the opportunity to create their own versions based on well-known works, which can then be shared on social networks.

For more details on the Building Trust Area programme, please visit https://forumvostok.ru/programme/social-platform/

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