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The Roscongress Foundation is a socially oriented non-financial development institution and a major organizer of international conventions; exhibitions; and business, public, sporting, and cultural events. It was established in pursuance of a decision by the President of the Russian Federation.

The Foundation was established in 2007 with the aim of facilitating the development of Russia’s economic potential, promoting its national interests, and strengthening the country’s image. One of the roles of the Foundation is to comprehensively evaluate, analyse, and cover issues on the Russian and global economic agendas. It also offers administrative services, provides promotional support for business projects and attracting investment, and helps foster social entrepreneurship and charitable initiatives.

Each year, the Foundation’s events draw participants from 208 countries and territories, with more than 15,000 media representatives working on-site at Roscongress’ various venues. The Foundation benefits from analytical and professional expertise provided by 5000 people working in Russia and abroad. In addition, it works in close cooperation with 160 economic partners; industrialists’ and entrepreneurs’ unions; and financial, trade, and business associations from 75 countries worldwide.

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Taking Stock of the III Global Fishery Forum

12 July saw the conclusion of the III Global Fishery Forum and the Exhibition of Fish Industry, Seafood and Technology concluded in St. Petersburg. The event brought together leading members of the business and academic community, representatives of fisheries and heads of sectoral agencies, enterprises from related sectors, heads of ministries and agencies, and representatives of public associations from 38 countries and 30 Russian regions.

GFF 2019 has confirmed its status of the year’s main sectoral event and demonstrated that such a communication platform is in high demand with Russian and foreign experts. The organizer of the Forum was the Federal Agency for Fisheries; the Roscongress Foundation was the Forum’s operator, while ExpoSolutions Group was the operator of Seafood Expo.

A total of nearly 6,000 people attended the GFF. It was visited by 20 representative foreign delegations from Turkey, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Namibia, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Iceland, the Republic of Guinea, Sri Lanka, and other countries, and by heads of major international fishery organizations. The event was covered by approximately 250 Russian and foreign journalists from Russia, Malaysia, the UK, France and Japan.

The dignitaries attending the Forum included Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Republic of Turkey; Fredéric Loua, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture and Marine Economy, Republic of Guinea; Has Saret, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Kingdom of Cambodia; Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru, Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, People’s Republic of Bangladesh; Amiran Kakalia, Minister of Agriculture, Republic of Abkhazia; Choi Joon-Uk, Deputy Minister for Maritime Policies of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Republic of Korea; Atanas Dobrev, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Republic of Bulgaria.

“The Global Fishery Forum is an important event on the calendar of the Russian and global sectoral community. I am confident that the Forum’s influential delegates representing the authorities, sectoral, public, and scientific organizations, discussed relevant areas in developing the fishing sector including the present and future of global and local markets, economic, environmental, and social issues, which will result in key decisions being made”, noted Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation.

“Today, Russia is focusing particularly on developing the fishery complex. State support is increasing by the year. For instance, RUB 12.3 bn was channelled into the ‘Developing the Fishery Complex’ state programme in 2018. In 2019, it was RUB 2 bn more.  The state support is one of the factors allowing the sector to demonstrate sustainable, positive dynamics for several years running”, said Dmitry Patrushev, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

 “The list of participants and the number of attendees assembled here today show that the standing of the Global Fishery Forum and Exhibition of Fish Industry, Seafood and Technology is growing both in Russia and globally. We hope that the third Forum and Exhibition will give an impetus to new joint projects, further development of international relations and achieving major sectoral results in national economies and at the inter-country level”, said Ilya Shestakov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries at the Global Fishery Forum 2019.

A meeting was held on the sidelines of the Forum  between Ilya Shestakov, Head of Rosrybolovstvo, and Choi Joon-Uk, Deputy Minister for Oceans and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea. The parties discussed holding the 29th Session of the Russia-Korea Fishery Commission and the preliminary agenda for the next meeting. Additionally, the Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries held meetings with the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Abkhazia, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry of the Republic of Bulgaria, and the delegations of the Republic of Bangladesh and the Republic of Guinea.

The Forum’s business programme included a plenary session, thematic conferences, and roundtables at which the delegates discussed key fishery industry issues.

The Оcean of opportunities: Nature, economy and people Plenary Session was the main event of the Forum’s business program on its first day. The session was attended by Dmitry Patrushev, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation; Ilya Shestakov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries; Marcio Castro de Souza, Senior Fishery Officer at FAO; Suam Kim, President of the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC); Jacques Verborgh, President of the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC); Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey; Vladimir Ilyukhin, Governor of the Kamchatka Territory; Igor Orlov, Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region; and Vladimir Sitnov, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Investment Business Block at PJSC Sberbank.

The attendants discussed economic efficiency and social stability, regulating fishing and competition, the sector’s legal framework and the balance between public and private interests.

Sectoral experts and members of official delegations spoke at the panel sessions: “Digitalization as a Tool for the Transformation of the Fisheries Industry”, “How to sell fish properly”, “The Arctic and Antarctica: Resource Potential, Ban, or Fishing, Elements of Cooperation”, “New faces of fisheries science. New ideas. New solutions”, “Unlocking the Potential of Aquaculture in Russia and the World: Management, Resources, Markets”, “The cost of the fish industry: how to evaluate the efficiency of business use of a nationwide resource?”, “Fish Market Economics: Fishing, Processing, Logistics, and Retail”, and “Fisheries: The Social Dimension as a Factor for the Development of Territories.”

In addition to Russian and foreign representatives of the fishing industry, the Global Fishery Forum was attended by scientists, specialists from public organizations and state sectoral agencies.

The III International Exhibition of Fish Industry, Seafood and Technology (Seafood Expo Russia) demonstrated the full fishery complex cycle: fishing and processing companies, manufacturers of equipment, shipbuilding companies, plants, commercial and government organizations, and professional associations. The Expo introduces its visitors to the work of Russian and foreign fish industry leaders; here, one can taste their products and go through a multimedia interactive tunnel.

The Expo pavilion’s area exceeded 13,000 square metres. The number of participating companies reached 335, which is 34% more than last year. Of these, 184 are Russian companies and 151 are foreign ones. The Expo featured seven joint national booths from Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Morocco, Turkey, China, Spain, and 12 joint regional booths from the Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan, Kaliningrad, Rostov, Leningrad, Ulyanovsk, Murmansk, and Magadan regions, the Republics of Karelia and Tatarstan, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, and the Primorye Territory.

The Expo featured a Retail Centre business zone where manufacturers and representatives of major chains held talks on direct deliveries of fish and seafood. Major retail chains, such as X5 Retail Group (Pyatyorochka, Perekrestok, Karusel), Auchan, Lenta, Magnit, Azbuka Vkusa, and big regional chains are present in the Business Zone. Over the two days of the Exhibition, 15 fishing companies held over a 100 meetings here. Additionally, the Expo held Aquaculture Day on 11 July.

On 10 July, at the Pella Leningrad Shipbuilding Facility, a ceremony was held to launch the Scorpio freezer trawler for a Murmansk fishing company. The event was attended by Dmitry Patrushev, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation; Ilya Shestakov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries; Gerbert Tsaturov, Pella OJSC General Director; and Yuri Parshev, Executive Director of FEST Company Group. The building of the vessel at the Russian shipbuilding yard was made possible by investment quotas, a state support mechanism.

On the same day, five important agreements were signed at the exhibition. The Government of the Arkhangelsk Region concluded agreements with the Government of the Kamchatka Territory, with the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, and the Arctic Fishing Cluster Association. In turn, the Northern University signed an agreement with the Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography. The Arctic Fishing Cluster Association and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise National Fish Resources (FSUE NATSRYBRESURS) signed a document on participation in the industrial activities of the Arctic Fishing Cluster.

On 11 July, The Federal Agency for Fisheries and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the Kingdom of Cambodia signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in fisheries and aquaculture. The document was signed by Ilya Shestakov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, and Eng Chea San, delegate from the Royal Government of Cambodia, General Director of the Fisheries Administration. The parties are interested in cooperating closely in scientific research to develop measures for conserving living marine resources and making rational use of them.

On 11 July, the Chief Basin Office for Fisheries and Preservation of Aquatic Biological Resources (FSBE Glavrybvod) and Rosrybolovstvo named the winners of the FishCorr all-Russia journalistic competition. The panel of judges honoured Russia’s best journalists, periodicals, news outlets and TV channels releasing articles, reports and films about restoring aquatic bioresources, solving environmental problems and conserving river potential.

Ahead of Fisherman’s Day, the Head of Rosrybolovstvo presented awards to veterans of the fishery sector and the best employees of Russia’s fishery complex.

The III Global Fishery Forum and International Exhibition of Fish Industry, Seafood and Technology (Seafood Expo Russia) has been held from 10 to 12 July 2019 in St. Petersburg, at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event is organized by the Federal Agency for Fisheries and the Roscongress Foundation is the Forum’s operator. 

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