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The Foundation was established in 2007 with the aim of facilitating the development of Russia’s economic potential, promoting its national interests, and strengthening the country’s image. One of the roles of the Foundation is to comprehensively evaluate, analyse, and cover issues on the Russian and global economic agendas. It also offers administrative services, provides promotional support for business projects and attracting investment, and helps foster social entrepreneurship and charitable initiatives.

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From Resorts to Drone Systems: The Best Investment Projects From Russia’s Regions Presented at EEF

The work of the Invest in Russia platform at the 6th Eastern Economic Forum ended with a pitch session entitled Top Investment Projects of the investinregions.ru Portal. During the event, the creators of the ideas from various regions of Russia presented them to the business community.

"The investinregions.ru portal was created by the Roscongress Foundation and the Fund RC-Investments as a unique digital space bringing together project initiators, banks, investment funds and regions. Today, the resource contains detailed information on investment projects with a total budget of over RUB 1.5 trillion. We invited the best of them to the Eastern Economic Forum to present them in person to potential investors," said Alexandra Beloshitskaya, Executive Director of the und RC-Investments, who moderated the pitch session.

Sergey Lazarev, the founder of EcoStar Technology, presented an industrial waste recycling complex project in the Nadezhdinskaya Special Economic Zone. Primorsky Region is one of the most developed regions in Russia in terms of the number of cars. As a consequence, 10,000 tonnes of old car tyres are disposed of every year. At the moment, most of them are not recycled. The project presented by Sergey will recycle up to 7,000 tonnes of waste, obtaining material for sports and children's playground surfaces, stadiums and roads, as well as metal cord for supplying to metal fabrication companies. Investments in the project’s first stage will amount to RUB 400 million, with a payback period of 6 years.

Alexander Pashkevich, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ecomett-Luch LLC, presented a similar project for the integrated recycling of ash and slag waste from coal combustion at Primorskaya Power Plant. "We have started to consider the possibility of reusing the ash. It will contain gold and other useful metals. Today we extract 10% of caloric coal from the ash, metallized powder and microspheres used in paints," said the expert. Products from the facility, located on the border of the Khabarovsk and Primorsky regions, are already supplied to China. Plans for the future include increasing the depth of processing and setting up production of briquette coal, which can be used again at the power plant and by people in the region. The payback period of the project is 4 years.

Olga Plotnikova, Director of the Economic and Direct Investment Development Fund of the Chukotka Autonomous Region, spoke about the creation of the Arctic Riviera tourism cluster and the construction of a hospitality base in the village of Egvekinot. "Chukotka is one of the most productive bio-accommodation areas in the world, and Egvekinot is the tourist heart of our region. We plan to create a base with 70 rooms with an inventory rental service and a year-round marine animal observation centre," said Olga Plotnikova. Investments in the project will amount to RUB 950 million, with a payback period of 8 years.

Another hotel project in Chukotka Autonomous Region was presented by Sergey Kolyadko, CEO of TOR Chukotka. Here, in the city of Anadyr, it is planned to build a modern recreation base called Land of Real People, with an ethno-patriotic and landscape design. This requires RUB 27 million, which will pay for itself in 3 years.

Dmitry Rybakov, Director of the Derzhavinsky Technopark at the Derzhavin Tambov State University, spoke about the creation in Chukotka of the PASECA system, an autonomous network infrastructure for unmanned aircraft systems and mobile robotics complexes. It is designed to provide coverage between different settlements and solve logistical problems, as well as tasks of various types of monitoring and search and rescue relevant to the region. The system is designed in such a way as to minimize the involvement of a human operator in maintaining its equipment. According to Dmitry Rybakov, it is expected that the PASECA system will be part of the infrastructure support for the Unmanned Aerial Cargo Delivery beacon project, announced earlier by the Russian Post, in July 2021, as part of Archipelago 2121 in Veliky Novgorod. The launch of the beacon project on the territory of the Chukotka Autonomous Region and the launch of the first experimental routes for unmanned aerial delivery are already planned for 2021-2022.

Elena Stafeeva and Maria Polyakova, co-founders of the Centre for Innovative Business Development, were looking for investors and entrepreneurs at the EEF interested in creating a chain of hotels, cafes and convenience stores under the PUT INN brand. The project is conceived as a domestic alternative to existing chain holdings. "We want the shops and hotels under our brand to become well known, to spread and operate throughout Russia," the entrepreneurs said.

In turn, Igor Drabyazg, the head of a farming enterprise, presented the Partizanskaya Dolina wine production and tourist complex in Primorye. He pointed out that the local climate is well suited for the development of professional winemaking. "We found one of the best places to grow uncovered grapes in Primorye and learned how to make decent wine," the hereditary winemaker said. Now his goal is to turn the local project into a large-scale facility with a production capacity of 700,000 bottles a year. Plans are in place for up to 10,000 tourists to visit the complex annually. Investments in the project are estimated at RUB 200 million, with a payback period of 11 years.

The pitch session ended with a presentation by Dmitry Lisnevsky, Acting Head of the Moscow Division of the Sakhalin Region Development Corporation, on commercial and residential real estate and tourism projects. Among them, the speaker highlighted the trade and exhibition complex as part of the Sakhalin Oblast Development Corporation's Agroindustrial Park project and the Iturup Resort, an all-season mountain resort. Investment in the first project will total RUB 2.6 billion, with a payback period of just over 7 years. The total cost of the second project is estimated at RUB 15.1 billion, with a payback period of 12.5 years. At the same time, funding for most of the resort is already available. "We are looking for RUB 1.9 billion. This could be investments from three or four project participants," Dmitry Lisnevsky said. "Iturup is the most developed island in the Kuril Ridge. Already now we can see very high demand for it among tourists from Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the long term, the island will be able to receive large cruise ships, which are currently passing by."

Detailed information about the projects featured on the Invest in Russia platform can be obtained from the Fund RC-Investments, a competence centre for supporting investment, business and export-oriented projects owned by Roscongress Foundation partners.

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