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On 28 March Roscongress to host a forum on coronavirus pandemic and its impact

The Next 20 Years is a forum organized by the Roscongress Foundation with support from Doctor Channel. It will take place from 11:30 to 18:00 on 28 March. The online broadcast will be available on Roscongress-TV and Doctor on YouTube, on Odnoklassniki, and the official website of the Roscongress Foundation.

«Events of the Roscongress Foundation always have a timely and comprehensive agenda. Naturally, today we devote a great deal of attention to the spread of the coronavirus that affects economy and people’s lives both in Russia and globally. At the same time, the online format of the Next 20 Years fully complies with the quarantine requirements: the audience will be able to get fresh updates, while self-isolating and without compromising their health,» noted Alexander Stuglev, CEO and Chairman of the Roscongress Foundation.

Participants will include Dr Melita Vujnovic, WHO Representative in the Russian Federation; Nikolay Durmanov, Professor, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO; Expert on Biological Safety; Andrei Klepach, Chief Economist, State Development Corporation VEB.RF. Alexey Bobrovsky, Head of the Economic Programme, Russia-24, will moderate the forum.

Renowned experts in biology, medicine, economics, and health care will share their opinion on today’s coronavirus situation and explain the need for a quarantine. They will elaborate on the symptoms that should trigger action and what this action should be, as well as how long it might take the world to overcome the pandemic. The agenda will address other important topics, such as economic effect of the coronavirus for businesses, our society, and the country in general.

This forum fully complies with Rospotrebnadzor rules and recommendations, and is safe to attend.

Earlier, Roscongress-TV released a programme dedicated to the effect of the coronavirus on the exhibition and convention industry. To watch it follow the link.

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