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Energy Minister Alexander Novak to meet young energy professionals at Russian Energy Week Youth Day

The international Russian Energy Week Energy Efficiency and Energy Development Forum will feature a Youth Day this year under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy of Russia and the Government of Moscow. The Youth Day’s major aim is to deliver the biggest awareness and communications platform in the industry, bringing together industry representatives and young people from the world’s leading universities and institutes.

The event is intended for inviting the best young energy professionals to a dialogue with energy company representatives and leading experts in the field.

An ‘open collar’ meeting of the young professionals with Minister of Energy of Russia Alexander Novak is scheduled to be the highlight of the Youth Day, allowing participants to ask questions of the top official personally.

The Youth Day will also feature interactive sessions for working out the technological development forecast for the Russian energy industry, as well as events to promote energy efficiency and development. Youth Day participants will be given an account of key youth projects in 2017, including the #BrighterTogether Festival and International Engineering Championship Case-in. The Youth Initiatives Energy 2018 session will close the event.

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Министр энергетики Александр Новак встретится с молодыми специалистами ТЭК в рамках Молодежного дня Российской энергетической недели