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Russian Ballet – Drawings Inspired by Dance Exhibition to Seen by SPIEF 2018 Participants

23–26 May the main venue of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum (ExpoForum) hosts a unique photo exhibition titled Russian Ballet – Drawings Inspired by Dance. The exhibition includes unique images of ballet history in Russia with photos depicting legendary stars of the national ballet scene. The exhibition put the spotlight development of dance, an art embodied by Russia’s famous ballet dancers. The Forum participants will be treated to 13 rare photographs of Russian ballet celebrities, including Ekaterina Gheltser, Nina Timofeeva, Agrippina Vaganova, Maya Plisteskaya, Ulyana Lopatkina, Natalia Dudinskaya, Diana Vishneva, Yelena Ryabinkina and others. The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation organized the event together with Russian Seasons international project. The event is included in the Russian Seasons culture programme of the Russian Davos. 

Born in France in Italy, ballet found second home in Russia. The history of Russian ballet dates back to 1738 when Mr. Lande filed a petition to open the first Russian ballet school, the precursor of the world famous Vaganova Academy. A few decades later a ballet school opened in Moscow. 

Classic Russian ballet has changed dance culture around the world. Its fame lasted for years and doesn't seem to fade. The beginning of the 20th century witnessed the birth of a new Russian Choreography, that sparkled a wealth of its own traditions – the traditions that foreshadowed the new international art. The stunning global success of Russian ballet is linked with the name of Sergei Dyagilev. He opened the series of Russian ballet performances in Paris dubbed the Russian Seasons. Today, an international culture festival carries this world-famous brand. The idea of the Russian Seasons expanded geographical borders to become the key culture initiative for Russia abroad. The festival acquaints foreign public with the best performances by the acclaimed national drama and music theatres, plus contemporary musicianship, unique exhibitions of famous Russian museums, film and circus festival and, above all, the ballet. To recap, during the Russian Seasons international culture festivals performances of leading ballet schools of Russia will take place in Italy. 

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