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Russia–Kazakhstan Youth Forum held as a side event to the 16th Russia–Kazakhstan Interregional Cooperation Forum in Omsk

Russia–Kazakhstan Youth Forum took place in Omsk simultaneously with the main business programme of the 16th Russia–Kazakhstan Interregional Cooperation Forum, which was organised by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Roscongress Foundation. The Omsk IT Park had been chosen as the venue to host the youth leaders’ meetings.


The topics discussed by the participants included fostering volunteering, rural youth engagement, media trends, and young diplomats’ cooperation. The event ended with signing of bilateral agreements between non-governmental youth organisations.


The closing addresses at the Forum were delivered by Alexander Bugayev, Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Russia) and Dauren Abayev, Minister of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


“We have indeed laid a good foundation and our experience sharing will continue into the next year,” said Dauren Abayev. “2020 marks the 75th anniversary of our shared Victory in WWII and this remarkable event will be a uniting theme for us throughout the year.”


Seven bilateral agreements between non-governmental youth organisations were signed at the end of the forum: agreement on the establishment of a standing Volunteer Council made of leaders of volunteer organisations from Kazakhstan and Russia; a memorandum on joint activities related to the preparation and holding of the Student Spring of the CIS Countries open international festival; a partnership and cooperation agreement between all-Russian public organisation “Russian Union of Rural Youth” and private institution Republican Staff of Youth Work Groups “Zhasyl El”; a memorandum of cooperation between Volunteers of Victory national civic movement and public association “Atanym Amanaty”; a road map for the development of a Kazakhstani centre for healthcare volunteering; and an agreement of understanding and development of cooperation in youth policy between the Kazakhstan Youth Congress and all-Russian public organisation for youth engagement in territorial development “Urban Renovation”.


In addition to signing these agreements and memoranda, the two sides delineated a number of joint projects, including a range of volunteer events, the first congress of the standing Volunteer Council made of leaders of volunteer organisations from Kazakhstan and Russia, and a joint rural entrepreneurship development programme “Beginner Farmer”.


This was the first Russia–Kazakhstan Youth Forum, and it brought together over 100 participants: leaders of national and regional authorities, activists of rural volunteer organisations and youth associations, public figures, young teachers and students, and journalists and bloggers from Russia and Kazakhstan. Russia–Kazakhstan Youth Forum was organised by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Russia) and the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The 16th Russia–Kazakhstan Interregional Cooperation Forum is taking place in Omsk on 6–7 November 2019. The event’s image gallery is available at:

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