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Roscongress Foundation developing new directorate to promote and support socially important and non-profit initiatives

A roundtable on developing collaboration with non-profit and public organizations as part of the work of key economic forums organized by the Roscongress Foundation has been held in Moscow. Participants included the heads of Russian and international charitable foundations and public associations, including Executive Director of the Donors’ Forum Alexandra Boldyreva, Programme Director of the Sberbank Charitable Fund ‘Contribution to the Future’ Marina Mikhailova, Communications Director for the Vladimir Potanin Foundation Julia Grozovskaya, Project Manager at the Vladimir Potanin Foundation Lia Sidlina, Public Relations Director of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation Elizaveta Krokhina, Executive Director of the Ziyavudin Magomedov PERI Foundation Polina Filippova, Executive Director of the Alexander Piatigorsky Foundation Andrey Egorov, Director of the Renova Charitable Foundation Olga Bashirova, Director of Charitable Programmes for the Sistema Charitable Foundation Olga Popova, Project Director of the Alisher Usmanov Foundation ‘Sport, Science, and Life’ Ekaterina Ermolenko, and Communications Director at Philip Morris Sales and Marketing Irina Zhukova. They shared their experience and spoke about projects they had implemented and about interaction and cooperation with governmental bodies and business. Also discussed were problematic issues faced by charitable foundations and organizations, ways to overcome them, and essential steps in promoting charitable ideas and engaging a wide range of citizens and companies in this area. The director of the Roscongress Foundation’s new Non-Profit Organizations Communications Directorate, Elena Marinina, spoke about the main areas of her directorate’s work. She explained that it would focus on bringing together Russian and international society, business, and non-profit organizations to solve socially significant challenges. In particular, plans are in place to hold discussions on charitable issues at the Russian Investment Forum, with the involvement of representatives from business circles, government, and the expert community. “Our objective is to systematically support and promote social, cultural, educational, and environmental projects developed and implemented as part of the work of Russian and international forums and events aimed at championing areas of social significance for the country and which have a positive influence on the image of Russia on the international stage”, CEO of the Roscongress Foundation Alexander Stuglev emphasized. “We are ready to invest our limited resources in creating unprecedented opportunities for successful social initiatives. This will help to overcome barriers, and to ensure that promising ideas receive the most favourable treatment possible.” As noted by Presidential Advisor of the Russian Federation Anton Kobyakov, non-profit initiatives today are in need of particular attention and support from both the state and business. He also echoed the words of the Russian President concerning the importance of removing all barriers to the development of volunteering, and of providing comprehensive assistance to the volunteer movement and to socially oriented non-profit organizations. “The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin pointed out in his address to the Federal Assembly that the will and generosity of citizens participating in projects like these are helping to create an atmosphere of common endeavour which is essential for Russia, reflecting our traditions and our national character, and forming a part of our enormous national potential”, Anton Kobyakov added.