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Medvedev: “It’s Essential for the Investor to See the Government as a Reliable Long-Term Partner”

The 6th Russian PPP Week Infrastructure Congress kicked off on 23 April. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev sent greetings to the participants in Russia’s largest PPP event. In his address, he noted the importance of the Congress for the entire market: “Together you are looking for answers to key questions: how to raise private capital for infrastructure development, reduce administrative barriers for business, and create stable and clear rules of the game”.

Roads, railways, hospitals, schools, and other infrastructure facilities are being built and upgraded more quickly and efficiently thanks to the public-private partnership, Medvedev noted. “It’s essential for the investor to see the government as a reliable long-term partner”, he noted. “For its part, the government is making every effort to achieve this and is actively developing PPP mechanisms”. Medvedev stressed that such collaboration results in the creation of modern and high-quality infrastructure and that economic growth, the implementation of national projects, and thus the improvement of the lives of millions of people all directly depend on such infrastructure.

A key theme of the first day was the development of infrastructure as part of the goals set by decrees issued by President Vladimir Putin last May. The results of the PPP Development Center’s Rating of Regions in terms of the level of PPP development were presented at the Congress. The top six regions were: Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Moscow Region, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Samara Region, and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra. The rating is an essential tool for evaluating the work done by regions to attract extra-budgetary investments.

The second and third day of the Congress will be devoted to the use of PPP mechanisms in specific sectors: transport, solid waste treatment, sports and education, medicine, and the urban environment. Participants will also discuss essential legislative amendments and aspects of project preparation.

Russian PPP Week is the largest event in Russia and the CIS that is devoted to attracting investment for the development of infrastructure and the implementation of PPP projects. Each year, the week brings together more than 1,500 participants from various industries and delegations from 70 regions of Russia. About 150 journalists from national and regional mass media outlets cover the Congress events.

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