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‘In This Together’ hotline receives over 2.6 million calls in its first two months

The organizers of the 24-hour ‘In This Together’ hotline, which supports and coordinates assistance for people over 60 and citizens with limited mobility who belong to the high-risk category and are self-isolating, have announced their initial results after operating the hotline for two months. As of 19 May 2020, the number of calls made to the hotline has exceeded 2.6 million, with over 710,000 requests for assistance submitted.

To date, over 200 Roscongress Foundation specialists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Sochi where the organization holds international events each year, have been involved in the project. The Foundation, which has many years’ experience working with volunteers, invited them to join the team and received over 150 responses. There are now over 50 volunteers operating the hotline. The Roscongress Foundation has also managed to boost hotline operator numbers with the help of volunteers working at some of the companies that have built up partner relations with the Foundation over the years.

In just two months, the hotline has grown to become a fully-fledged information centre connected to networks of doctors and psychologists. A spiritual support line was launched with support from the Russian Orthodox Church, Chief Rabbinate of Russia, and the International Islamic Business Association. Regional call centres working to scripts developed jointly with the All-Russia People's Front have also joined the project. After a month, the hotline operation was carefully studied. This analysis revealed the need for employees who would make outgoing calls based on missed or dropped ones.

“The Roscongress Foundation was one of the first organizations to support the ‘In This Together’ project. We recognize that supporting socially significant initiatives is particularly important during any crisis. It took just two days from the hotline’s conception to its full technical implementation. We are already seeing its effects now, as well as the impact of this ‘single window’ which covers all issues affecting citizens during the pandemic. We have succeeded in creating a platform that allows us to develop specific applications and facilitate targeted assistance, while building a fully-fledged information centre connecting hotlines all over the country,” said Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Roscongress Foundation Alexander Stuglev.

The extension of the regime of self-isolation for people aged over 65 was announced at the Meeting of the Presidium of the Government Coordination Council to control the incidence of the novel coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation, which took place on 18 May 2020. This population group is considered to be in the high-risk category. The hotline continues to coordinate assistance for citizens who find themselves in these difficult circumstances and is accepting requests for help in delivering medicines and paying for utilities, while operators are providing psychological support and advice on other issues.

After each conversation, the hotline operators file reports evaluating the main problems citizens are currently facing and record the types of issues being raised. Particular attention is paid to feedback from the key authorities responsible for the issues in question.

The Roscongress Foundation continues to develop as a socially oriented development institution. In addition to the hotline project, it is working to introduce new online formats and community initiatives, while a number of projects to support doctors and healthcare workers have been launched, as well as online music marathons. The special ‘Conferences of Victory’ project was launched to commemorate the Second World War.

The Foundation continues to work alongside its international partners in 69 countries, while providing assistance to business representatives in promoting business projects on the international market and supporting development domestically. As of 19 May 2020, the Foundation has 122 partners internationally and agreements with 54 Russian regions.

The project is supported by the All-Russia People’s Front, the Association of Volunteer Centres, Medical Volunteers (the all-Russian social movement of volunteers in the healthcare sector), Volunteers of the Constitution, and Rostelecom.

The hotline operates 24/7.

The hotline number is +7 (800) 200 3411.

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