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Andrey Nikitin: Cooperation with the Roscongress Foundation will open new doors to foreign investment

On June 16, Andrey Nikitin, CEO of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and Alexander Stuglev, Director of the Roscongress Foundation, signed a cooperation agreement at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The role of the Roscongress Foundation under the agreement will be to advise and inform foreign investors regarding the Russian market. The ASI, according to Andrey Nikitin, will be in ‘routing’ investors to Russia’s regions. “In many countries, you can find agencies which assist foreign investors, informing them about the country and its benefits, as well as the investment attractiveness of particular regions. In Russia, this system functions somewhat inadequately. We know about the investment opportunities each region has to offer, but as of yet no one has gone the extra mile and taken a systematic approach to promoting the regions. The Roscongress Foundation is creating a directive within its organizational structure to serve this very purpose,” said the ASI head. ASI and Roscongress will also give joint presentations on the investment potential of Russia’s regions abroad (road shows) and advise Russian and foreign investors. “I believe that the agreement with Roscongress will create a solid foundation leading to substantial work with investors,” Nikitin said.

Андрей Никитин: сотрудничество с Фондом «Росконгресс» откроет новые возможности работы с иностранными инвесторами