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The 25th APEC Meeting in Danang: Together Towards Prosperity and Harmonious Development

Article by Vladimir Putin, The 25th APEC Meeting in Danang: Together Towards Prosperity and Harmonious Development is the announcement of the position of the Russian side on the eve of the APEC anniversary summit, held on 10-11 November 2017.

In his article, the President stresses that the stable partnership with the Asia-Pacific countries are based on the principles of consensus and willingness to compromise, regardless of the political situation.

Vladimir Putin emphasizes that Russia seeks to ensure a sustainable and comprehensive growth across the entire Asia-Pacific region. In particular, Russia supports the idea of forming an Asia-Pacific free trade area which would allow for increase in trading volumes. The experience of cooperation of the EAEU with Vietnam and the People’s Republic of China is given as guidelines for successful integration cooperation. It is also noted that the Russia proposes to form a large Eurasian partnership on the basis of the EAEU and the One Belt, One Road initiative of China.

Vladimir Putin identifies the main aspects on which Russia should be focused to promote successful integration within the APR. First, it is the implementation of infrastructure projects jointly with the APR countries, which will strengthen the economic ties in the region. Secondly, it is the promotion of integration of Siberian and Far Eastern territories into the system of economic ties with the APR, which implies an increase in the investment attractiveness of these regions and the active participation of Russian enterprises in international production. Thirdly, these are issues of preventing and eliminating natural disasters, ensuring collective food security and information security, and supporting innovation.

As to the development of the Far East, it is planned to create and develop «growth areas», provide support for advanced high-tech industries, invest in human capital, education and health, and in the formation of competitive research centres. The head of the state also notes the need to support all forms of private entrepreneurship and further formation of a common scientific and educational space of the APR with the participation of Russian universities.

In conclusion, the President expresses confidence in effective cooperation between the APEC countries at Danang summit and underlines the readiness of Russia to work together to ensure sustainable economic growth of the region.

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