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Event Projects Management (Forums, Conventions, Conferences, Seminars)

The methodological guide entitled «Event Projects Management (Forums, Conventions, Conferences, Seminars)» is a unique publication designed to become a beacon in the world of events. It offers insights into the complex mechanism of organizing and holding large conventions on a turnkey basis. This publication is the first of its kind because it was prepared by practicing industry experts of the highest tier based on their own experience and on global best practices of organizing large international events both in Russia and abroad.

The main purpose of this guide is to give a detailed description of the mechanism of holding a convention. Having studied the guide, a reader will have a full picture of how to hold a conference, forum, seminar, etc on a turnkey basis.

This publication will be indispensable as a teaching aid for teachers and students of universities with educational programs for event industry specialists, and also for managers of event projects management companies and departments. It may also be of some use to professionals in related industries striving to take their niche by collaborating with event organizers.

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