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The State of the Schools in 20 Major Cities, 2018

The report by Bain & Company draws on parents’ points of view and on the authors’ own understanding of the goals of scholastic education. This report summarizes the research on educational systems in 20 major cities worldwide, surveying more than 9,000 parents of primary and secondary school-age children around the world. Bain’s experts expect an era of massive labor market transformation. In this rapidly changing environment, schools must rethink the knowledge their students need and how it is imparted while at the same time seizing compelling opportunities to dramatically improve education.

Bain & Company analyze criteria for school selection and parents’ expectations.

The authors emphasize that providing high-quality knowledge to all children, irrespective of their social and economic status, is a leading indicator of an education system’s success. The report highlights the need to develop individual interests and talents by shaping the child’s educational trajectory, providing extracurricular activities, etc.

The experts have traced the progress of technology and educational innovations at schools.

Educational comfort and safety are crucial for encouraging interest in learning and the desire to study. Finally, the report stresses the need for schools to comply with modern-world requirements providing knowledge and skills in line with prospective labor-market demands (such as foreign-language proficiency, computer skills, etc).

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