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Liquified Natural Gas Market

Global demand for energy is rising. At the same time, consumers are increasingly using natural gas in general and liquefied natural gas in particular as a source of energy. According to forecasts, by 2035, energy consumption can exceed the level of 2016 by almost 30% — mainly due to population growth and increase in average per capita incomes.

It should be noted that over the past 25 years, the annual increase in demand for natural gas averaged 2.3%. In the current structure of energy consumption, it accounts for slightly less than 25%.

Over the past 30 years, trading volumes in the liquefied natural gas market have increased significantly, as a result small transactions, limited by the capabilities of regional sites, gave way to complex global trading operations. According to forecasts, by 2035 the share of natural gas in the world energy balance may exceed 25%, and about 13-16% of the total consumption of this type of raw materials will be accrued to the liquefied natural gas.

However, the protracted decline in prices, which began in late 2014, greatly influenced the current market situation, which affected all participants of the supply chain — from manufacturers to end users. In conditions of slow growth of demand in Asia and sharp increase in supply by new sources, the game rules are dictated by buyers today, and sellers will have to put up with it for a long time.

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