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"Russia and Asian countries have opportunities to continue to expand their mutually beneficial relationship"

Interview with Masaji Santo, President & CEO, Chiyoda Corporation by ROSCONGRESS

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Russia’?

For me, personally, ‘Russia’ is impressive because Russia is the country where I put my first footprint overseas as a university student. I travelled to many countries in Europe at that time, and the Siberian railway was my starting point. It opened a door to a new world with many opportunities. This experience inspired me to work worldwide.

What is the main reason to invest in the Russian Far East?

Russia is a large country located next to big markets like Asia and Europe. Rapid economic growth in Asia leads the world economy. The Russian Far East has a wealth of energy resources which will help to further boost prosperity in neighbouring Asian countries. Russia and Asian countries have opportunities to continue to expand their mutually beneficial relationship.

Currently, many tourists visit Japan from Southeast Asia. The number of tourists to the Russian Far East will surely increase in the near future.

Which technology will best expand the range of humanity’s possibilities?

Russia is a country with rich natural resources. We built the Sakhalin LNG Plant about 10 years ago, the first LNG plant in Russia. Since becoming operational, the plant has continuously supplied liquefied natural gas to Japan, South Korea, China, and other countries. Plans are currently being made to expand this plant. Further, we are currently working on the Yamal LNG project on the Yamal Peninsula in northern Russia.

We hope that our engineering technology and project execution skills can contribute to further developing the economy of the Russian Federation. This will have a notable impact on energy stability and improve quality of life for people living in this region of the world.

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