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Russia and Morocco: New Cooperation Opportunities

Despite the geographical distance, relations between Russia and Morocco have a long history. Back in 1777, Sultan Mohammed III Ben Abdellah offered Russian Empress Catherine II to establish contacts and trade between the Russian Empire and the Sultanate. In 1897, the Consulate General of the Russian Empire opened in Tangier (Morocco). Until now, Russia and Morocco have maintained close ties in various fields, including trade. Of course, all Russian consumers are well aware of citrus fruits supplied from Morocco. Prospects for further cooperation between Russia and Morocco are discussed in this article.

The author separately notes systematic improvement in the legal framework of bilateral relations. Over the past ten years, more than two dozen documents have been signed at the interstate, intergovernmental and interdepartmental levels. Business communities play an important stimulating role in promoting the entire range of economic ties between our countries.

Russia also highly appreciates an independent constructive position of Morocco on acute international problems. First of all, on those that relate to the situation in the Middle East and the fight against terrorism. The efforts of the Morocco government to counter extremism, maintain and strengthen harmony in society, socio-political or economic and cultural issues are supported.

As a result, the article notes that Russian-Moroccan cooperation has a large spare capacity.

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