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AeroNet Action Plan ("road map") of the National Technological Initiative

The development of unmanned aviation and space systems, as well as wireless communication technologies, will lead to the growth of distributed safety systems and exchange of information. Increasing the reliability of secure network communications will provide mass safe use of unmanned vehicles, including in urban environments. There will be 100,000 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the Russian skies in 2035 (24/7/365); they will be united in a unified system for works and services to meet various ever-increasing needs of the economy. The average number of employees engaged in the development and production of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) will be 50 thousand people, the number of employees engaged in the operation of UAS, development of integrated solutions and services on their basis will reach 500,000 people by 2035.

The goals are the development of segments:

  • Earth remote sensing and monitoring;

  • agriculture;

  • transportation of goods (in perspective and people);

  • search and rescue;

  • communications and telecommunications.

  • development of terrestrial communication infrastructure and global air traffic control system (ACS).

  • development of UAS technologies;

  • development of legislative regulation of the aviation industry;

  • personnel training.

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