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Russian Special Economic Zones: Business Navigator

Study of investment activity in Russian SEZs

The all-round analysis and comprehensive assessment of investment activity in Russian Special Economic Zones (SEZs) offered in this publication provide investors with essential information concerning the Russian SEZs, which intensifies cooperation in investment projects and has a positive effect on innovative enterprises.

The publication examines the practice of establishing and developing SEZs and the specifics of their functioning in various countries, such as Japan and Singapore. Then, the authors proceed to cite key indicators of the Russian SEZs which demonstrate positive dynamics.

For example, the total number of SEZ residents increased from 246 in 2012 to 656 in 2017, while their aggregate revenue reached 156,101 million rubles in 2017. Notably, labor productivity of the SEZ residents in 2017 was 38% higher than the all-Russian average.
The authors of the report give full consideration to the specifics of SEZ operating in Russia, such as the procedure for acquiring a SEZ resident status, main requirements for SEZ residents depending on the type of SEZ, and principal features of the process of SEZ establishment depending on its type.

SEZs Investment Attractiveness Index

The report lists the primary privileges available to SEZ residents, such as federal and regional tax exemptions, national guarantees, advanced infrastructure, preferential lease price and purchase of land, and a free customs zone, with special emphasis on the tax privileges in SEZs.

A large section of the publication is devoted to profiles of the Special Economic Zones of the Russian Federation. The publication also offers the National SEZ Investment Attractiveness Index. Importantly, the authors provide the methodology for calculating the index which makes the results easier to understand.

This publication has been posted in the Roscongress Information and Analytical System on the recommendation of the Roscongress Foundation expert community.
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