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How Yandex users react to the COVID-19 problem

Between 22 and 26 April, the share of web search queries about the coronavirus in the total number of searches in Yandex search engine increased by 10.4%.

User activity concerning the topic of the coronavirus pandemic at Yandex.Q, a community question-and-answer service, demonstrated diverging trends. For example, the daily number of views of coronavirus-related content rose by 11%, while the number of postings (questions, answers, and comments) fell by 35%.

The most commonly asked questions at Yandex.Q were about the symptoms of COVID-19, diagnosis in asymptomatic cases, possible connection between the epidemic and resignations of Russian governors, and quarantines.

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Between 22 and 26 April, the share of news about the coronavirus in Runet (the Russian-language segment of the Internet) increased by 3%, while the share of news about the current situation in Russia decreased by 5%.

Compared to 22 April, the daily number of views of the Coronavirus: Official Information page at the official website of the Government of Moscow on 26 April was 33.4% lower.

The total number of views of the Yandex.Maps based map for tracking the spread of the coronavirus increased by 8% between 22 and 26 April, while the number of views of the «coronavirus dashboard», a platform with information about the coronavirus, declined by 14.4%.

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