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National Report on Innovations in Russia 2017

The survey conducted to prepare the report covered 33 representatives of state authorities, development institutions, private companies, and the expert community. The respondents were asked to assess policy measures taken by the government with regard to main groups of initiatives proposed in previous reports.

According to the collected data, the government’s attention was focused on stimulating national technological development and innovation activity of medium and large companies. The respondents noted that the majority of initiatives had been successfully implemented and had produced some results. The most significant results were the following: support tools for leading medium and large innovative companies; rearranged structure of government support program to favor priority technologies; tools to stimulate innovative exports; improved methodology and monitoring system for Innovative Development Programs for state companies.

Other positive trends observed by the participants of the survey included forming an integrated system of technological priorities, implementing measures to stimulate creation and growth of integrators (universities, technology brokers, etc), developing a system of financial and non-financial incentives for R&D activity, developing tools to speed up transition from fundamental to applied research.

The report concludes with a description of behavior strategies of market participants, expectations and visions of the future, and factors that either stimulate or inhibit market maturity.

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