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Youth in Agriculture

Agriculture plays a critical role in the economy and is aimed at providing the population with food and obtaining raw materials for a number of industries.

Thus, this industry satisfies primary needs of each person. The food security of the state directly depends on its full-fledged functioning. About 1 billion economically active population is employed in the world agriculture. It can be seen that agriculture is essential not only from the point of view of providing the population with food, but also the availability of jobs.

Agricultures faces certain challenges.These include issues related to environmental pollution, use of chemicals and other substances harmful to humans, negative natural phenomena that affect the production of agricultural products and others. Solutions to existing problems are the responsibility to a large extent of future generations and, especially, young talents in this field.

The purpose of this magazine is to exchange views on the future of farming and create a platform for a full-fledged dialogue. In addition to the dialogue on the development of young talents in the relevant field, other urgent issues are also raised in the magazine. Thus, one of the urgent problems today is the control of plant diseases, which is also revealed in this issue.

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