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The State of Industrial Cybersecurity 2018

Industrial cybersecurity is a relatively new topic. However, the number of industrial systems connected to the outside world is constantly growing, and it is already clear that cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) is a matter of crucial importance.

This report covers a range of topics related to factors that have an effect, either positive or negative, on industrial security and to possible strategies for ensuring maximum protection against cyberthreats. The aim of the study was to discover the current state of ICS cybersecurity systems globally, as well as possible development paths. The analysis was based on the results of a survey of 320 decision-makers in the area of industrial cybersecurity and 12 independent experts. The survey was conducted by means of interviews and a detailed questionnaire. The survey is conducted annually since 2017.

ICS security violations are certain to cause considerable losses. Cyber incidents and breaches in security have a direct negative impact on profits.

Cybersecurity of ICSs is a matter of grave importance because cyber attacks on automated process control systems are getting increasingly common. Many enterprises are increasing their investments in automated systems and are actively engaged in digital transformation. However, many companies don’t introduce the required security measures, nor comply with industrial cybersecurity guidelines, even on a minimal scale.

According to the results of the survey, less than a half of the respondents have ever faced security breaches. However, it must be noted that not all of the respondents were in a position to detect the attack. Lack of cyberthreats detection skills presents a serious problem.

Other constraining factors include a shortage of qualified specialists and insufficient interaction between departments.

Cybersecurity of industrial digital infrastructures requires a close interaction between the IT unit and the ICS specialists. These departments have different tasks but, as industrial systems are getting increasingly deeply integrated into the IT infrastructure of the enterprise, their interaction is becoming essential.

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