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Foreign Tourists in Russia. Preferences of Active Travelers from China, Japan, South Korea, Great Britain and Germany

In many countries, for example, in China, the interest in traveling to Russia is growing: the demand for trips to Russia in 2017 is much higher than in previous years. According to Rostourism, the number of travelers in the first quarter of 2017 increased by 32% compared to 2016.

According to EY, Russia has a good chance to attract travelers both to major cities and to unique beauty resorts and natural areas, primarily to the Far East.
It is necessary not only to develop the transport infrastructure and facilities to receipt guests, but also ensure accessibility of Russian cities for navigation and communication, and also to increase the security and level of technological solutions. Certainly, along with the Made in Russia bran it is necessary to promote the «travel to Russia» brand in countries with a high tourism potential.

Moreover, now it is possible not only due to large-scale media campaigns, but also to popular resources in these countries. For example, in China, 37% of respondents participated in our survey receive information about tourism opportunities via mobile applications. These are the opportunities that we could not even imagine before. The most important thing is that Russia has something to offer in this highly competitive international tourism market. In 2018, Russia will host the FIFA World Cup, a vivid global sports event, which has a high potential in attracting travelers from abroad.

This survey carried out by EY will significantly improve the effectiveness of Russia’s marketing activities in overseas markets and implement opening opportunities for attracting visitors to our country from abroad and increasing the export of tourist services in the interests of our country and citizens.

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