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Russian Pharmaceutical Market 2017

In 2017, the pharmaceutical market was in a post-crisis state. Despite the fact that the market demonstrated a positive trend, some distributors and pharmacy chains closed.

The volume of the Russian pharmaceutical market reached 1,629 billion rubles in 2017, which is 8% higher than the previous year. Sales of medications in physical terms grew by 6% and made 6.3 billion packages. The positive dynamics are indicative of an improvement in the purchasing power of the population and a reduction in the influence of economic factors on the pharmaceutical market.

The share of imported medications in the overall market at the end of 2017 was 70% in monetary terms. In the public procurement segment there was a growth in the share of domestically produced medications (+2% to 2016). In the commercial segment the corresponding figure is growing at a slower rate (+0.5%).

The report by DSM Group also offers ratings of main distributors, pharmacy chains, and manufacturers.

According to the data collected by DSM Group, the Association of Independent Pharmacies (ASNA) which unites pharmacies and pharmacy chains and represents 8,365 sales outlets achieved the best results in 2017 with 13.8% of the market. Among the traditional chains, the pharmacy chain 36.6 has the largest share (4.8%). Rigla comes third with only a marginal difference, taking a share of 4.7%.

In 2017, the positive concentration trend in the distribution segment changed for a negative one. TOP 10 companies accounted for about 72% (-8% to 2016). Diversification and expansion of the distributors, vigorous growth of companies from the «second dozen», and financial difficulties of the market leaders noticeably affected the ratings of pharmaceutical wholesalers. In 2017, the Protek distributor retained the first position, having occupied 18.1%. Katren is placed second with a share of 17.6%. TOP 3 is rounded out by Pulse with a share of 12.4%.

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