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The Economy of Trust as the Key Driver of Integration in Greater Eurasia

The international strategic foresight session The Economy of Trust as the Key Driver of Integration in Greater Eurasia was held on May 26, 2018 at the Youth Economic Forum as part of SPIEF 2018. The objective of the foresight session was to find a creative image of an economy of trust as seen by the youth of Greater Eurasia at their continent in their common interests and for prospective mutually beneficial cooperation. The foresight session had the format of a strategic game which comprised goal-setting, basic team-building, impromptu speeches of the experts, a cascade of brainstorming sessions, discussions, consultations, stress tests, team and individual competitions, the work of a jury, and cross-assessment of the teams.

The event gathered 60 young people and 10 experts from 27 countries representing young talents of Greater Eurasia — from Spain, Italy, and Finland to China, South Korea, and India. Establishing and strengthening trust is a complex process — both in human relationships and in global economy. Trust takes quite a long time to build up. However, the participants of the foresight session disproved this long-established view by considering various aspects of trust in economy: in financial services, green economy, humanitarian activities, digital economy, and information security.

As a result of the discussion, the participants managed to achieve considerable practical results. They prepared five sets of documents reflecting the viewpoint and the proposals of youth concerning long-term prospects for integration in Greater Eurasia in the context of developing the economy of trust in humanitarian cooperation, financial services, green economy, and digital economy. The partners demonstrated a willingness to continue developing the project.

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