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12 Solutions for New Education

The report was prepared as part of developing the Strategy for Russia’s Social and Economic Development up to 2024 with a vision to 2035. The publication addresses the current issues faced by Russia’s educational system, such as limited support for talent, poor quality of professional training, low motivation of students, and insufficient regional and federal financing.

Human capital is Russia’s primary competitive strength. Meanwhile, though fourth globally by the size of labor force, Russia is ranked eighty-ninth by the availability of skilled workers. Nominally, the country has a high educational level, but it doesn’t contribute to economic growth and stability.

The 12 projects presented in the report are aimed at overcoming this problem to give every student special motivation, foster human capital growth, and ensure return on investment in human resources.

Implementing these projects will directly contribute to improving the quality of life in Russia. If the country manages to solve the problems that have piled up over the last few decades, education will become a cornerstone of efficient economy and technological development.

This publication has been posted in the Roscongress Information and Analytical System on the recommendation of the Roscongress Foundation expert community.

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