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Expert opinion

Dimitrios Velanis: Russian-Greek cooperation

Economic collaboration between Russia and Greece is moving forward, as are relations between the two countries, although, given the realities of the modern world, there are certain problems. SPIEF 2019 does its part to help the countries establish a dialogue. Nowadays, regional cooperation is coming to the fore and possesses all the necessary prerequisites for further development. Russia is seeking other countries, companies, and structures for import substitution in order to overcome the difficulties that have arisen because of the sanctions. We are focused on the regions and have received significant help from the centre; the regions have been given the right to work out their development programmes and different sectors of the economy. Greece is very interested in the processing industry and the agricultural sector; it would like to develop production in the Russian regions. We are preparing a plan for joint activities to carry out projects in milk processing and growing and processing various food products.

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