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Future of the Automotive Value Chain: Outlook 2025

News of devastating, even historical, changes in the automotive ecosystem have dominated the agendas of discussions in the industry in recent years. Unfortunately, the end of this story is still unclear. Deloitte will try to address these uncertainties in its new study. The report outlines 5 key factors of changes in the automotive value chain. These include social changes, technology advancement, economic shifts, environmental trends, and political developments.

The example of the driver with the greatest impact is a shift in focus to be encouraged in such areas as hardware and software and data. As regards the equipment area, the current focus from engine, interior, and car frame will shift towards the variant power plants, semiconductors, smart transmitters and batteries.As regards the software and data area, the current focus on mobility data (cards and traffic), auxiliary systems and device integration will shift towards certain data on consumers, mobility analytics, and artificial intelligence. Deloitte has shaped four potential scenarios to clarify all the changes and how carmakers will find their place in the market.

The scenarios are named as «data and mobility manager», «stagnant carmaker», «the fallen giant», and «hardware platform provider» and detailed in the report.

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